Completed August 2017
roles: Experiential Consultant

Tool of North America

Kinetic Storytelling:
A Reactive Video

Tool of North America commissioned SCPS, STLabs and creatives DJ Neff and I to create a reactive video experience using AI that captured unique stories of New Orleans through the voice and lens of the people.

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The beloved city of New Orleans is turning 300 years old and with that many years under its belt there are plenty of stories to be told by its residents and those who traveled there to experience all the city has to offer. 360i created a campaign to bring awareness to the city history with a campaign called "One Time in New Orleans."


To capture memorable stories of New Orleans by fabricating two unique state-of-the-art story booths, one placed as a permanent fixture at the city’s airport and the other, a mobile unit that will be traveling around the city and stopping at festivals in the new year.


The project began with an extensive design period taking into account airport regulations, size restrictions and the logistics of delivering the permanent unit and reinforcing the mobile unit for a year of travels.


We created an intelligent storytelling booth for the New Orleans Tourism Marketing Corporation in a shipping container. Inside, storytellers are recorded while IBM Watson (AI) is used to analyze what they are saying and decide what to project on and behind the story teller. The result is edited together automatically and posted on the NOTMC website

Initial Prototype

The primary data points I understood to be most important were the trailer ordered, the trailer ID and the attachment feature associated with it. The secondary was some form of distinction of complete and extra description. Then used the modal overlay to be the entry point for the new data.


This prototype assisting in surfacing conversation of what data is needed, missing and the structure of the data.

Requirements Gathering

Once the documentation was all reviewed creating a prototype to present would allow for faster collaboration in distilling the business goals and needs.

Iterate Prototype

After whiteboarding the prototype with product owner we reorganized and introduced a new nesting pattern and input panel. The new input panel would slide from the right allowing the user to maintain a relationship with the data table with out fully obstructing the information.


Simplified the design by adding a new nested structure allowing multiple featured titles to be associated with a trailer request while maintaining a clean input panel with a check-out style pattern.


Set up a testing environment to allow a main regional operator and global stakeholder to drive the prototype while the product owner and I gave simple tasks to allow them to use the interface in an instinctively method.


Fantastic feedback. The "ADD" button was unclear it would present new feature title entry fields. Also, they had never thought of making the relationship to be "trailer to features" vs "feature to trailer." Due to the current manual process in place but understood that moving forward it would be the correct approach in an effort to have marketing strategies more than a month in advance.


Make changes to the prototype with few adjustment and design an another layout that could accommodate the "feature to trailer" relationship. Then have the territory and regional validate to give insight on which could be MVP and adopted the easier before the next feature release. This solution made it apparent a management system for recommendation attachments would be needed by global and regional encourage them to be proactive in communicating their suggestions to the territories in advance.