Completed November 2013
roles: UX/UI Director, Product Strategy

E! Online

Red Carpet Live Stream

Working with the E! team to create a live multi-screen experience to be used for Red Carpet events like the Emmys and Oscars.

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E! Red Carpet is the leader in pop-culture news and red carpet events broadcasting major awards such as Oscars, Emmys, and Golden Globes.


Design a multi-platform media player that contains the ability for multiple live video feeds, sponsorship, photo galleries and social features all in real-time.


All real-time products have a high bar of logistical and technological challenges. Products built with the purpose of being hosted on a web page have more limitations than apps.


Extremely well received by users and sponsors. Even before launch AT&T became our exclusive Ad partner for all the Red Carpet events of 2013-2015. Making the product revenue positive at initial launch.

User Experience
First Iteration
UX Features

With the first design we were shooting for a very robust experience. 
- 3 Live Video Feeds
- Social Conversation
- Past Look Galleries

Live Player

This section allows a user to switch between 3 cameras in different locations around the event. Giving the viewer full control of their favorite celebrities walk down the red carpet.

Social Conversation

A built in Twitter feed that would allow the host to have Q&A with viewers as special celebrity guest chimed in.

Past Looks

This feature was meant to load photo-galleries of previous dresses celebrities wore in past red carpet events. Triggered by the celebrities' name being mention on the TV broadcast. Giving viewers the ability to compare previous looks and sparking conversation debates.

Word Recognition Software

E! was striving to make this feature automated instead of manual. The plan was to use a new word recognition software made by RAMP. Which had never been tested in a live scenario. It was meant to queue up the corresponding photo-gallery in less than 3 seconds once the Live TV Host called out a celebrity's name as they walked up the red carpet.

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Testing Outcome

We tested the software by applying Ramp's demo version into a streaming feed. Then, we watched past red carpet events to mimic the call outs and get a similar timing of how often the host said celebrity names. With 10 rounds of testing the fact was clear, that this feature was not ready to be done in an automated manner. We would need a manual solution at the event that would see the celebrity and publish the gallery.

Testing Results

Final Design Execution

In the final design we had to shelf the Past Look feature, due to the low performance of the Ramp technology.

One size fits all

From the initial concept of the product we made a firm design decision that the experience needed to be contained into a size that would work with multiple tablet and monitor sizes.